Spanish II


In this intermediate-level course, students will continue to develop the vocabulary, grammar, and cultural concepts introduced in Spanish I. The main objective of this course is for students to acquire a more fluent level of communication in Spanish. This will allow them to understand native speakers of Spanish and learn to make themselves understood. This class will be conducted in Spanish most of the time. All instructions, exercises, and comments will be presented first in Spanish and later in English (although students may request additional information in English at any time).

REGISTER FOR THIS COURSE Second semester: $375


Myriam Borges Thompson

Class Details

Live Class: Tuesdays, 11:30 to 12:30 ET. Students must attend the live class.

Duration: Second semester: January 15 to May 14, 2019

Student Expectations:
Each week there will be a recording of new vocabulary words, phrases, and expressions. Students should listen, repeat, and practice for twenty minutes every day. Sometimes there will be a song or refrain to learn. After the third week, students will be encouraged to listen to additional recordings of short stories, selections, and poems. Students will submit weekly assignments, complete unit quizzes, and work with dialogues and class exercises.  

Student Support:
Teacher is available via email.

Feedback will be provided on assignments, quizzes, and classwork.  

Interactive Spanish: Lessons for Early Language Learning See resource page.

Students should have completed Spanish I or have a similar level of knowledge of Spanish.

REGISTER FOR THIS COURSE Second semester: $375