Level 3 Complete - Voyage Level


In the third level of the MCT language arts curriculum, Michael Clay Thompson takes the children on a year-long voyage around the world in Essay Voyage. It is at once a strong and creative introduction to how to write an essay and also an exploration of the geography of the globe. mrT enriches that theme and shows students more of the world in A World of Poetry. Grammar Voyage keeps the children aboard ship as the grammar gets ever more sophisticated and challenging. The vocabulary text is Caesar’s English II. It offers fifty Latin stems that students will learn are the foundation of hundreds of words in the English language, thus providing a base that will extend far beyond the lessons themselves.

During the second semester, mrT will be teaching the Search Trilogy. If your child has already read this trilogy, he or she has the choice of rereading the books for greater depth or choosing a different trilogy. Children taking advantage of the literature component will be asked to make their choice by the end of the first semester. See the Search Trilogy description for details on this optional part of the course.



Michael Clay Thompson

Class Details

Live Class: Most Wednesdays at 3:00 ET. There will be a live class most weeks, but not all of them. The core of the course is the assignments and the extensive feedback given by the instructor, with the live class being a voluntary enrichment for students who are able to attend. Students' attendance of the live class has no effect on their grades. Students unable to attend the live class will be able to access a recording of the class.

Assignments: Varies per class

Duration: Full year

Student Expectations:
Students must be able to do assigments using a keyboard (no handwriting assignments) and be comfortable accessing the internet.

Student Support:
mrT is available via email.

mrT may reply to students' answers with comments or questions, and he will want them to answer those emails.

Students will need the Level 3 texts: Grammar Voyage, Caesar's English II CEE, Essay Voyage, A World of Poetry, and Practice Voyage. For the literature option, students will need Search trilogy novels: Treasure Island, The Invisible Man, and The Call of the Wild. Resources. Students will need to have an email account and access to a computer with audio and video capabilities.

Students should have completed Level 2 of the MCT language arts curriculum.

For Ages: