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Spring 2019

New students are welcome to enroll in full-year courses for the spring semester only. Please contact us at 845-726-4444 to discuss your child's situation before enrolling. Prices shown are for the second semester.

The spring semester runs from January 14 to May 18, 2019. New students may enroll now and begin preparing for the second semester.

Single-semester courses are indicated with *.
Mini-courses (less than a full semester) are indicated with **.

MCT Language Arts

mctlv1 Complete Level 1 – Island Level Michael Clay Thompson 600
mctlv2 Complete Level 2 – Town Level Michael Clay Thompson 600
mctlv3 Complete Level 3 – Voyage Level Michael Clay Thompson 600
mctlv4 Complete Level 4 – Classic Literature Level Michael Clay Thompson 600
mctlv5 Complete Level 5 – Lens I Level Michael Clay Thompson 600
mctlv6 Complete Level 6 – Lens II Level Michael Clay Thompson 600

Creative Writing

cwes Creative Writing I* Myrna Kemnitz 375
cwms Creative Writing II* Myrna Kemnitz 375
cwhs Creative Writing III* Myrna Kemnitz 375


span11 Spanish I Myriam Borges Thompson 375
span12 Spanish II Myriam Borges Thompson 375
span13 Spanish III Myriam Borges Thompson 375
SPAN14 Spanish IV Literature Myriam Borges Thompson 375
SPAN15 Spanish for Adults* Myriam Borges Thompson 350


matpbs4 Math Problem-Solving Strategies: Grade 4** Allen Gross 175
matpbs5 Math Problem-Solving Strategies: Grade 5** Allen Gross 175
matpbs6 Math Problem-Solving Strategies: Grade 6** Allen Gross 175
msmss Middle School Math for Struggling Students** Allen Gross 175


HISTG01 Greece in the Classical Age: 490 to 323 B.C.* Thomas M. Kemnitz 400


phil02 Eastern Philosophy: The Quest for Happiness* Ingrid Klass 350

Classes for Adults

SPAN15 Spanish for Adults* Myriam Borges Thompson 350

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