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We offer students an array of subjects, many of which you won't find anywhere else. We provide personalized instruction that accommodates children of a variety of ability levels, from those who are of average ability to those who are profoundly gifted and highly creative, as well as those who have dyslexia and other processing issues. Our courses are taught by nationally-known and world-renowned experts who create learning experiences that can shape a child's future in positive directions. Grades and transcripts are available to meet the requirements of different states and circumstances, and tuition plans are available depending on your family's situation. Courses run a full year or a single semester.

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MCT Mentor Network

The Michael Clay Thompson language arts materials are now available as an online platform called the MCT Mentor Network. They have been envisioned and developed by experienced teachers and technology experts who have a passion for making the MCT materials truly a curriculum for the 21st century—a curriculum that provides instructors and students with the guidance and feedback they need while maintaining the rigor of the materials.

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