When do I receive information about my course?

The week before classes begin, you should receive an email with your login information.

When will I hear from my instructor?

Communications vary by instructor, but you should definitely hear something no later than a few days before the first class.

What is the refund policy?

Really? You want to be a dropout? :-) If you find that you cannnot complete a class for one reason or another, our refund policy is 100% up to one week before the first class, 75% if withdrawal is between six days prior to the first class and the day the first class is held, and 50% if withdrawal is between the day after the first class and the day the third class is held. There is no refund after the third class.

Are there any specials for families?

Families with two or more children enrolled for a full-year course and that pay for the courses in full when registering will receive the Royal Fireworks Press texts for FREE. Students have their choice of format: printed or iBook.

Can I skip a class?

Absolutely not! (Just kidding, but why would you want to?) We understand that things come up, and you might not be able to attend a scheduled class or do that week's assignments. Many of our courses are recorded, or the instructional content is provided asynchronously, so there is a little wiggle room for a student to make up a class on his or her own. Please inform the instructor prior to the missed class if possible.

What do I need for my course?

All courses require access to the internet. Students should be comfortable using a keyboard and email. Each student should have his or her own email account. Do not use a single family email for multiple students. Some courses require books. Some courses will need a webcam. Please refer to the specific course description for the requirements.

Why does a student need his or her own email address?

Email is part of the student's ID and login and is used to communicate with the instructor. Each email address must be unique.

Can more than one student use the same computer?

More than one child can attend the live classes on a single computer, but interaction will be limited. The student who logs in will be the one interacting with the class. Logging in from a smartphone or tablet could be an alternative for the second child.