Level 5 Complete


The fifth level of the MCT language arts curriculum is extraordinarily challenging. The writing requirement is advanced; Michael expects the students to be able to write academic essays, complete with citations and works cited. The grammar book, The Magic Lens I, explores the intricacies of how the English language is constructed through grammar. There are 500 stems in The Word Within the Word I that will enable students to understand words that they have never before encountered, as well as an engaging discussion of Greece in the classical age from 490 to 323 B.C. Much of the grammar, vocabulary, and writing at this level is the foundation of many students’ perfect scores on the SAT. The poetics strand is at once an important and a fun part of the curriculum. As with all levels, the students in Michael’s online classes will not only get the opportunity for live classes but also will see a good deal more in the way of images and explication than those simply using the texts.


Michael Clay Thompson

Class Details

Live Class: Occasional. TBD by instructor. Students unable to attend the live class will be able to access the class online.

Assignments: Varies per class

Duration: Full year

Student Expectations:
Students must be able to do assigments on time and be comfortable accessing the internet.

Student Support:
I will be available via email.

I may reply to your answers with comments or questions, and I will want you to answer those emails.

Students will need the Level 5 texts: The Magic Lens I, The Word Within the Word I, Advanced Academic Writing I, Poetry and Humanity, and 4Practice I. Students will also need to have an email account.

Students should have completed Level 4 of the MCT language arts curriculum.

For Ages: