Level 4 Complete - Literature Level


The fourth level of the MCT language arts curriculum is an introduction to literature—sophisticated and insightful at a level beyond what most students will ever encounter. Michael leads students in a year-long examination of how the great writers use poetic techniques, subtle paragraph transitions, and sound in their classic novels. He takes us into the vocabulary, grammar, and poetry of these novels, and he does this at a level few students will encounter unless they are English majors at the top universities. No other curriculum comes close to this level of sophistication, and Michael is the ideal instructor to lead students in exploring it. The live classes will play a significant part in opening literature at this level to students.


Michael Clay Thompson

Class Details

Live Class: Occasional. TBD by instructor. Students unable to attend the live class will be able to access the class online.

Assignments: Varies per class

Duration: Full year

Student Expectations:
Students must be able to do assigments using a keyboard and be comfortable accessing the internet.

Student Support:
I will be available via email.

I may reply to your answers with comments or questions, and I will want you to answer those emails.

Students will need the Level 4 texts: The Grammar of Literature, The Vocabulary of Literature, The Writing of Literature, The Poetry of Literature, and 4Practice for Literature. Students will also need to have an email account.

Students should have completed Level 3 of the MCT language arts curriculum.

For Ages: