Latin I


This is a full-year course.

This course will expose students to the basic language, culture, and history of the ancient Romans. It will introduce students to basic Latin grammar, vocabulary, and syntax. The result of the students' study of Latin is improved knowledge of both English vocabulary and grammar, an expanded understanding of the relationship of the ancient world to their own, and appreciation of other foreign languages and culture.

We will focus on developing a strong grammatical understanding of the language, which will aid students later as they delve into authentic texts. This course is set at a high school level and and paced at the college preparatory level.

The course will have videos for each grammatical lesson and will be supplemented with office hours if students need deeper assistance.


Lennon Audrain

Class Details

Live Class: No. Videos for each grammatical lesson.

Office Hours: Yes

Course Duration: Full year

Student Expectations:
Vocabulary should be studied nightly, as it helps to set a strong foundation for learning and using the language as the students progress in their Latin education.

Student Support:
Email, office hours

Students will be prepared to take the Latin 1 National Latin Examination later in the year.

Fabula Caeciliae, Fabula I (available at, First Form Latin, Student Text (Memoria Press, $13.50), First Form Latin, Student Workbook (Memoria Press, $15.00)